Major infrastructure change or business critical evolution from legacy systems is one of the most complex, risky and expensive strategic moves any business leader can make.

Our experts act as a talent-multiplier bringing many disciplines to bear at once, speeding up delivery, making complex workflows simple and installing new platforms and data-flows whilst ensuring the impact is game-changing and long-lasting for your business.

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Transform Solution Case Study

A global financial institution approached DataSpartan to improve the ingestion into their data lake of billions of daily credit card transactions.

The data lake was shared across multiple different business units, each with different use cases, requiring real-time, self-service functionality, not possible within its existing legacy platform.

The client’s technical leadership team had expected that such a complex transformation in architecture and new systems would take a team of 20 normal vendors approximately 12 months to complete.

DataSpartan deployed 2 experts who completed the project in the same time frame. Not only did they configure the base code to provide long lasting resilience, but optimised and reduced computational consumption from 20 nodes down to 3.

In addition, DataSpartan proposed and rolled-out a new operational system to manage all end-to-end processing ensuring the overall architecture was cheaper to maintain and easier to build future internal products and reporting systems.

Anti-Money Laundering: Manage customer information

Our client was a large multinational bank and regularly interfacing with the Central Bank. They required DataSpartan to create an anti-money laundering and know-your-customer system to manage customer information and predict customer credit risk.

An end-to-end system was created using J2EE, DB2, Oracle, and Biztalk. DataSpartan delivered the work in sprints and completed the project over a 6-month time period. In addition to the backend features, an extensible internal dashboard was created to provide a global overview of customer credit risk to management.

Our Result
The system is currently in use and the client is using it to generate customer credit reports for Central Bank compliance. Multiple manual processes were automated through this system.

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