Retail Banking Data Lake Ingestion   

Data Lake Breaks Data Silos

Data Lakes have been adopted by corporations as a way to create new business opportunities and user experiences for their customers. Information gets integrated outside the traditional silos, giving more visibility to the reality of processes. In the case of Retail Banking, this technology has allowed for a richer banking experience and a more efficient management of the risks and customer relations.

Our Goal

A global financial institution had an increasing number of use cases relying on information coming from their customers credit card transactions. The existing platform was not able to keep pace with the scaling demands and was not flexible enough to accommodate all the use cases. Our objective was to create a configurable ingestion engine that would allow Data Lake users to self-service their use cases leveraging billions of daily credit card transactions.

Our Approach

DataSpartan embedded a team of experts inside the client’s development team. After analysing all the requirements, they developed a lean custom made ingestion platform fully based on Big Data open source technologies. Our team cut down the development times expected by the technical leadership by 70%, completing the transformation in 12 months.

Our Results

The platform that our team delivered keeps running in production with long lasting resilience and has cut down the computational consumption of the ingestion phase by 85%. The overall architecture is cheaper to maintain and allows for easier development of future internal products and reporting systems.