Nlp For A More Contextual Search Engine 

Dala was founded in 2021, it is a contextual search tool that enlightens your work by unifying your team’s collective knowledge.

Dala is built to be an ambient contextual assistant. Dala sits on top of those repositories of information, connecting them behind the scenes and serving as a layer of meaning and intelligence. Dala’s bleeding-edge AI automates knowledge extraction and search for you, so you don’t need to recreate and maintain your organisation’s knowledge architecture in yet another system.



DataSpartan and Dala teams collaborated on the realization of Dala’s vision of the future of knowledge exchange in organizations. The work entailed the development of custom made Natural Language Processing models and its integration within the advanced technology stack of the company.

Our Approach

We created an integrated team composed of field experts from DataSpartan and UX, engineering team and product leads from Dala. We worked on fast pace development cycles with the aim of reducing time to market times to a minimum.

Our Results

During the time the two teams worked together, the product vision went from paper prototypes to a working product and a future development roadmap well founded on current state of the art AI research.